West African,
Middle Eastern , Empowerment and Sacred Drumming


Kadijah leading a drum workshop

"Drumming is as essential to the human spirit as dance, song, prayer and meditation. Human beings have an innate need to come together and have group experiences that are transcending." Kadijah

Drum Classes, Workshops, Events and Performances

quoteI enjoy Kadijah as a drum teacher. She takes the time to explain things and help her students. She treats them all the same no matter if it's someone's first time or if it's their 100th class. She treats them all with love and respect. quote Henoche Townley, drum student

K adijah teaches ongoing West African and Middle Eastern drum classes, healthRHYTHMS workshops, and conducts healing and prayer circles in her community and across Canada. She has also completed the six month Giving Birth to Ourselves frame drumming intensive created by Layne Redmond and has traveled to North Carolina and Cyprus to drum in with women in this sacred way. Her classes engage and captivate students with fun, hands on instruction. You can bring your own drum or use one of Kadijah's while you learn. Beginners are always welcome! Kadijah will happily travel and bring drums for workshops, special community and school events, cultural gatherings, celebrations and and healing circles. Kadijah uses the drum to facilitate, group processing and workplace team building, Kadijah also gives ongoing workshops in addiction treatment centers and homes for people with special needs(eg seniors, differently abled adults, youth facing challenges.) Kadijah has a deep love for facilitating healing and empowerment circles for girls and women to connect with the Divine Feminine.

Customized Workshops for Groups

Customized Workshops for Groups Kadijah facilitates workshops, demonstrations, and performances for schools, community groups, cultural, ecological environmental and socially conscious events, holiday celebrations, church gatherings, small businesses, corporate groups, and parties, with the stipulation that there be no drug or alcohol consumption while the drumming is taking place.


West African Drumming in Bridgetown
Opening and closing Drum Ceremonies at the Womyn's Summit
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