West African,
Middle Eastern, Empowerment and Sacred Drumming

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Drumming Retreat in Cyprus: To be Announced
New drum classes and performances in different locations around the Maritimes
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"Drumming is as essential to the human spirit as dance, song, prayer and meditation. Human beings have an innate need to come together and have group experiences that are transcending." Kadijah

Classes and Workshops

quoteAlthough you may think that you are not musical and doubt your drumming capabilities, Kadijah is a very patient teacher who will encourage you to work
at it and keep you
motivated until
the rhythm clicks.quote
Ashlee Sampson, drum student

Kadijah teaches ongoing West African and Middle Eastern drum classes and HealthRHYTHMS workshops in locations throughout the Maritime provinces. Her classes engage and captivate students with fun, hands on instruction. You can bring your own drum or use one of Kadijah's drums while you learn. Beginners are always welcome! Kadijah will happily travel and bring drums where ever there is enough interest shown.

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Kadijah brings her musical performances to cultural and community events, theatres, meetings, corporate retreats, healing venues and gatherings. Let Kadijah energize your event or gathering with the lively beat of traditional West African drums and soulful multicultural songs. Contact Kadijah if you would like her to perform at your event.

Purchase drums

Kadijah sells musical instruments from all corners of the world including djembes made in West Africa and darbukas, frame drums and riqqs from Turkey. Contact kadijah for more information.